Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Loop Day...

Today we did a loop ride, starting and ending at our hotel in Sint Nicolaaga. Our tour leader, Jan had arranged for a visit to the maritime museum in the town called Sneek (pronounced Snake) in the town where he grew up. The museum also included materials about life in Sneed in the 1800's, including winter life.

Just as we were getting ready to leave for lunch, a downpour started so we all hung out in the museum's lobby drinking coffee until it blew over. Then it was time for heading out to lunch that was held at a local community center just a couple of kilometers away. As we getting ready to leave the rain started to come down in buckets again.

We were fortunate in that the rain passed quickly and we were soon on our way. The return trip brushed the parameter of Sneek and went through some of the residential sections of the town before heading out to the fields then looping around a couple of lakes. The wind had picked up and at times we were heading into some brisk headwinds. As we started to turn south and then west, the headwinds turned into friendly tail winds pushing us along.

With about 20 km (12 mile) to go, we spied the town of Heeg and decided that ice cream would be in order. We found a shaded cafe in town and enjoyed some sundaes be for finishing up the ride and getting back to the hotel before showering up before dinner.

link to photos, click here

All in all, a very nice day to be on the bike

Happy Riding,


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