Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cooler, faster, prettier....

We had a rest day off yesterday that gave us a chance to gather ourselves and explore a bit before heading out on the trail today.

The temperature was a cooler this morning with the predicted temperature reaching the low 80's. The sky was almost cloud free. The road surface was mostly paved as we headed south. crossing into Belgium before cross back into the Netherlands for the hotel this evening.

Being a Sunday, not much road traffic was expected and only a couple cafes would be open today.

As we headed south we entered the area around Eindhoven. As we passed the edge of the airport, at the end of the runway, there was a parking lot filled with maybe 20 cars and a food truck. folding chairs were out an folks with binoculars we watching the planes take off and land.

The big attraction for cyclist was a couple of miles on also outside the edge of Eindhoven, a suspended round-about with a tall king post in the center holding the elevated bikeway above the vehicular traffic below. Many of us went round and round the roadway just for the fun of it.

Our ride also traveled through 2 towns that must of had some fun carnivals the evening before. It was almost spooky riding thorough the middle of the towns with silent carnival rides on either side, beer gardens empty and food stands abandoned. The streets were littered with confetti, but you could almost here the echo of the music and voices from the night before.

After lunch started to follow the wide canal that runs from Maastrich to Den Bosh for a distance of 120 km. We followed it for 40 beautiful kilometers That I can only hope that the photos will be able to capture.

We're now at a "vd Valk" hotel and we'll be here for two nights. Tomorrow we'll be doing a loop rides into the hills. We're looking forward to it.

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