Thursday, August 2, 2018

two ferries, one that you gotta pull!!

Where do I start?

I guess I'll start at the beginning. The morning breakfast was filling and got us off to a good start. The weather was kinda crisp at 64 degrees with the promise of warmer temperatures later today.

The trails today were mostly remote trails that often did not follow a specific road, but instead headed out across a field sometimes in a straight line, sometimes not. The surface varied greatly as well, from concrete to asphalt to paving stones to hard pack surface. All surfaces very ride-able. We often were routed through residential neighborhoods where we found herring bone paving stones.

We crossed the 2 rivers today. The first ferry was a small raft where you pulled the ferry from side to side (take a look at the pictures below). It was all lots of fun. The second crossing was later in the day where the ferry was almost tug boat size where for 1.30 Euros they would take both you and your bike cross a small river.

By the time we ended the ride, the temperature had reached 89 degrees which is breaking records in this country. The lack of rain is also affecting the plants in the fields, the lawns of the homes and the golf courses.

Tomorrow is likely to be very similar weather and we're planning on being on the road by 8 AM.

Link to photos

Happy Riding,


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