Wednesday, August 8, 2018

oh now we're getting the true Netherlands treatment

Last night was a huge set of storms that came through our area last night, though you couldn't tell by me. I slept through two different storms to wake up with water on the ground, cool temperatures and a brisk breeze. The weather forecast had called for winds from the south, which would not be too bad, but much of the winds came from west or south west that slowed our progress a bit. We also got a late start. We were staying an Abby and had a tour of it. We excused ourselves at shortly after 9 AM cause we had a 125 km ride in front of us.

The ride was a mixture of trails, canals and rides along the dikes. most of it with head wind the was in our faces, but not oppressive.

Link to Photos 

Happy Biking,


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