Thursday, August 9, 2018

Finally got some Netherlands Weather...

For the past two weeks the weather has been more Southern California and not at all like typical Netherlands weather. This morning, the riding group was all in a tizzy.  The weather forecast called for drenching raining over our destination of Rotterdam with rain starting at 11 am or so.

Some folks were scooting out early and trying to beat the rain. Another approach was to have a good breakfast, grab your rain gear and brave the possible rain. The third option was to jump on the train and ride up to Rotterdam see the city before rain hits.   I was with the group that chose the second option, good breakfast and brave the rain.

All in all we were pretty happy with the choice. We pushed it a bit, skipped the coffee stop and the afternoon ice cream stop, but did stop for the lunch van at about 1/2 point. The rain held off and I gotta say we started to become pretty cocky hoping that the rain would not appear at all, but at about one out out the drizzle started.  Fortunately it was summer rain and really not too chilly but we still had 25 km to go. We followed the path back and forth finally arriving at the ferry just as the gang plank was being raised, just miss the boat. The next trip would be in about 30 minutes. Then the rain started to increase. We all started to huddle in a small covering waiting for the boat. By the time we got the the far side the rain turned into steady rain and we had 8 more kilometers (5 miles) to go. Jumping off the boat we follow the shore almost all the way to the hotel, check in, showered up and changed into some nice warm clothes. All very nice.

Today's photos

Happy Biking,

Brian Cox

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